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Probate and Conservatorship Disputes
While everyone hopes to carry out a deceased loved one’s final wishes, sometimes disputes arise among beneficiaries, executors, or trustees.  When relatives are elderly or incapacitated, sometimes disputes arise over their care and finances.  Attorney Kimberly A. Fanady’s professional courtroom presence can calm the emotionally charged process of probating a challenged will, or disputing an executor or judicial decision. When it is in the best interests of clients to preserve cordial familial relationships, the Ms. Fanady is adept at settling these disputes, through private mediation, court settlement conferences, or direct negotiation.  When necessary, Ms. Fanady will assertively pursue or defend her client’s rights in the California probate court.

Probate and Conservatorship Trials

In re the Houda Kassis Trust
Alameda County Superior Court
Martinez v. Bokelund
San Mateo County Superior Court
Estate of Garnet Lozano
Alameda County Superior Court
In re the Helen Eaton Trust
Alameda County Superior Court
Estate of Campa
Alameda County Superior Court
Smith v. Smith
Alameda County Superior Court
Lagiss v. Moreland
Alameda County Superior Court
($1 million summary judgment)

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