Civil Appeals Attorney in San Francisco

When the outcome of your case requires further review by a higher court, Ms. Fanady can assist you in pursuing or defending an appeal in state or Federal court. Her experience, judgment, and writing skill enable her to present your appeal as effectively as possible. Appeals in the First Appellate District, Court of Appeal, State of California:

Heidhues v. Piron

A. Cortese v. Sherwood 

Alfaro v. Patterson

Singh v. Chowdhury

Blakely v. American Contract Bridge League

Hoover v. Felix

C. Cortese v. Sherwood (published opinion)

Schneider v. Seldon Special Needs Trust

Lieurance v. Alexander

Eaton v. Unger
Chess v. Stovall
Fowler v. Thompson
Ozen v. Richardson
Ranger v. Bonham
Herd v. Inglemon


Ms. Fanady has also handled a number of writ petitions to the Court of Appeal seeking interlocutory relief.